When did you go to the museum? What museum have you visited until now? Museum is indeed important for any civilization because museum functions as historical teller for today’s people. Museum itself is varied; there is bank museum, art museum, museum for plants, museum for animal, music museum, and many others.

Mostly, museum is managed by non-profit organizations which its purpose is to educate people on specific subject. Let’s say, a bank museum is purposing to educate common people on the history of bank. In Bank of London Museum you can find the history of banks in England from the early establishment until today such as the early London building, the coins, the bank notes, the stock trading activity. Every country has its own bank museum and of course each museum offers different way of telling the history to audiences.

If bank museum tells the chronological development of a bank, there is also a type of museum telling about specific event in the past. Usually the specific event exposed is relates to an outstanding event such as the making of the famous Panama Canal. Panama Canal museum would tell you many things about its tens of years from its early development until its first use. Although perhaps for such a big moment, there will only be photos and miniatures in the museum but there you can see the facts and people’s effort at that time to build a canal to ease trade and transportation.

However today’s generation consider an awkward thing to do by spending time to visit museum. They consider that all information can be generated from internet, so they do not have to go to the museum. Seeing this fact, perhaps museum management must consider to set-up website where people able to visit the museum virtually and the visitors will be from all around the world. By doing so, the purpose of any museum to educate people is achieved.